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UK has over 29 million people who have lost one or more teeth. If you are one of them, do not worry. Bristol Emergency Dentist offers professional dental implant services and crown works for you. You can now regain your smile with a permanent and effective teeth replacement solution.

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A medium grade titanium support is attached to the jaw bone in place of the root. The implant is then covered with a crown on top. You can get both single and multiple replacements, as required. Dental implants are a safe and more permanent procedure for tooth replacement. Register with us and take the first step towards a perfect smile.

Dental implant procedure

• Affordable and much better alternative to dentures

• No harm to adjacent teeth and high success rate

• More reliable and stable than other dentistry procedures

• Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth, or support multiple replacements

Advantages of Implant dentistry

At Bristol Emergency Dentist, you get thorough dental implant services from our resident implantologist, Mark Gillis. He has an MSc degree in dental implantology from the Eastman Dental Hospital, University of London and over 10 years of experience in creating perfect dental implants and crown works. Contact us for a free consultation from Mark Gillis.

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